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HBCF Insurance

HBCF Insurance provides a safety net for homeowners (and subsequent owners) to compensate for losses due to a builder not being able to honour their building commitments.

The Home Building Compensation Fund (HBCF) is a statutory product, compulsory under relevant building legislation in most states for builders carrying out residential building work.

What does HBCF cover:

HBCF Insurance compensates homeowners for losses arising from defective and incomplete work where the builder or contractor:

  • Becomes insolvent
  • Dies
  • Disappears
  • Has their building licence suspended

Under the HBCF scheme, if a residential roofing project exceeds $20,000, it is compulsory for licensed roofing contractors to obtain a home warranty certificate of insurance.

The cover lasts up to 6 years from completion of the roofing project (6 years for major defects and 2 years for all other defects).

AusStyle Roofing has obtained a Certificate of Eligibility for insurance with the Home Building Compensation Fund. For all residential roofing projects over $20,000, AusStyle Roofing will obtain a HBC Insurance certificate on behalf of the homeowner. This certificate will be available to the homeowner prior to commencement of the project.

For further information:

NSW Government – SIRA

HBCF Homeowner Fact Sheet

Call AusStyle Roofing for a free assessment on 02 4385 8889.

Quality Products & Materials

At AusStyle Roofing – we’re proud of our work and for that reason we only use the highest quality, most trusted roofing products and materials. Our trusted products include the following brands.