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Site Specific Management Plan

AusStyle Roofing has an approved safety management system in place making it fully compliant with the current Workplace Health & Safety legislation and regulations.

At AusStyle Roofing, safety management is our highest priority and starts long before we arrive on your site. After our initial inspection of your site, AusStyle Roofing formulates a Site Specific Management Plan (as necessary) and a Site Specific Safe Work Method Statement – this ensures that all risks associated with your particular job are examined and methods are formulated to minimise and remove these risks.

AusStyle Roofing’s safety management system gives a high priority to staff training. All our roofers are licensed tradesmen and all staff are thoroughly inducted in AusStyle WH&S systems and procedures. Our procedure manual, check sheet and staff training are regularly updated to include new machinery, techniques and the latest developments.

Fall Arrest Systems

Aussytle Roofing has a licence in advance rigging and advanced scaffolding to ensure we can legally install, inspect and sign off on harness points, static lines and scaffolding.

  • HRW license No: 035791
  • Working at Height’s No: 91305 NSW

Tested Extensively

We have a licensed electrical tagger employed at AusStyle Roofing to ensure we are electrically safe and aware at all times.

  • Licence No: 2970480

Safety Data Sheets

Example: Friable asbestos and synthetic mineral fibres. We also have material safety data sheets on site for all the products we use on site.

  • Licence No: 5422702

Equipment Inspection

Ausstyle Roofing ensures a detailed inspection of equipment (both owned and hired) is conducted by our Advanced Rigger or licensed Elevated Work Platform personnel.

  • Licence no HRW 035791

Appropriate Signage

For Public Protection a temporary fence and appropriate signage is erected to ensure safe public access and protection where required.

Our motto at AusStyle Roofing is simple, “Do it right the first time!”

This ensures our excellent standard of Workplace Health and Safety and will ensure we maintain this extremely high standard for years to come.

Quality Products & Materials

At AusStyle Roofing – we’re proud of our work and for that reason we only use the highest quality, most trusted roofing products and materials. Our trusted products include the following brands.