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Maintenance of Colorbond Steel and Zincalume Steel

Colorbond steel and Zincalume are both highly durable and a simple maintenance schedule will enhance and extend the life of your roof. Cleaning periodically helps to maintain the integrity of the roof panels and helps get rid of any particles on the surface of the roof that could compromise the paint or substrate. Including airborne dirt, sticks and leaves, pollen. Water stains or particles from pollution on the roof. Acid rain and rust stains may settle on a roof over time, as well as mould and mildew.


There are harmful chemicals and particles present in the air, they include acid rain, pollution particles and everyday natural debris. As they settle on your roof they encourage the growth of lichen, mould and moss.


Sweep debris into a pile using a stiff, soft bristled brush (no hard tools are to be used) and remove from the roof.

The whole roof and gutter should be washed down with a hose. For stubborn areas a pressure washer can be used, starting from the top and move down. Keep the wand about 30cm from the roof. You can use mild detergent to get rid of stains using a soft sponge or washcloth. Let the solution stand for 10 minutes before rinsing off the roof thoroughly with water.

For detailed information on the cleaning process, see BlueScope Steel.



Period roof inspection by a licenced roof plumber is recommended.

  • Exposed fasteners – these should be checked each year, if they have become too tight or the grommets deteriorate these need to be replaced as they will cause a gap between the metal flashing and the fastener.
  • Sealant failure or weather damage – while most sealants last around 10 years, these should be checked and replaced as required.
  • Seam separation – while metal roofs are durable they can shrink and expand from extreme weather which can cause seam separation.
  • Rust stains – metal roofs are susceptible to rust. Should you metal roof begin to show signs of rust it is best to deal with it early on before it becomes a major problem.


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